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Despite the generic image of Mobile DJ’s all being the same, they are all very different in their approach to work, services and professionalism.









We are confident in saying that all our DJ’s are fully understanding in wedding and party etiquette and not only do they have the experience to build that unique dance floor atmosphere, they also appreciate the importance of presentation and communication.  We work with them very closely to ensure that standards are kept very high and in keeping with our expectations of them, with excellent reviews received regularly for them.

We appreciate that you may want to have an input into the music that is played on the night, which is always a great idea, with the DJ welcoming a playlist from you.  This will give him a very good indication before the day of your music tastes and requirements.  We recommend providing a playlist for no more than 20 songs for the evening, leaving the DJ then some space to put his own stance on the evening. 

The key to a successful party is to have a DJ who can quickly gauge what type of music his audience is enjoying and dancing to.  They are booked to play to suit the crowd and not themselves, so requests from the floor are always welcomed also.


Tailored to You



Dance Floor Focused


Punctual & Reliable


Add Ons

Sound & Lighting

Sound and lighting are focused on the dance floor where it belongs, so conversation doesn’t become a shouting march, with sound levels controlled to suit your requirements and venue.

Our DJ’s use excellent sound and lighting and equipment which is well maintained and always looks professional.  All equipment used is PAT tested annually, and they all have the necessary PLI cover.

We also have LED dance floors to hire, prices are on application and depend on size required.

Additional lighting is available with all our DJ’s, so we can factor in mood lighting and uplighters into the one quote for you.

For you, when you need us

Early set ups are available, with the DJ being on hand to supply you with background music during the day, as well as the use of his PA equipment and microphone for announcements and those important speeches, which is almost always necessary in a marquee environment, as there are no walls to ‘contain’ the sound and guests seated towards the back of the marquee will struggle to hear without this facility.  Depending on yourselves, neighbours and venue/site circumstances, post midnight finishes are also possible.


Allow us to make your night

This is not the place to cut corners on, an inexperienced or inadequately equipped DJ could put the dampers on your party expectations.  For a wedding reception in particular, it’s worth remembering that the evening is just as important as the daytime, as it’s the part of the day when you and guests can really start to relax.   Whilst your wedding vows, the car you arrive in, the flowers etc, are all very important parts of your day, it’s always the evening party that guests seem to remember the most – and we want everyone to remember it for all the right reasons! 

Do not book a DJ simply because he is low priced.  It has been quoted many times that a good DJ is the one thing that can really make or break your night.  When arranging a Wedding, the DJ is usually one of the less expensive things on the list.  Hiring the right DJ will probably turn out to be one of the most important decisions you make for the day and give you the best memories for all the right reasons.

Our DJs

DJ Kelly

Tom Blee 

DJ Darren

Disco in Cornwall

Looking for something else?

We have some great DJs available that you won’t see on our website, so please drop us a line or give us a call with your date, and we will help you with some recommendations.

There is a lot of musical talent in Cornwall and Devon, so its not necessary to incur the extra travel and accommodation costs of employing a band from further afield – we like to keep things nice and local so we can ensure you get the quality and professionalism, and most importantly, you don’t get let down!