DJ in Cornwall

DJ in Cornwall



Don’t look at the price

We are all after a bargain, but when it comes to an important event, like a wedding, cheaper is not always better.  Being a professional DJ takes time, it takes experience and above all they have to be safe.


Things to check for:


  • Does your DJ have Public Liability Insurance?
  • Does your DJ give you a contract?
  • Does your DJ have his equipment PAT tested for its electrical safety?
  • Does your DJ have a Pro Dub licence?
  • Does your DJ take requests?
  • Does your DJ ask for your input into the music?
  • Does your DJ give you a mobile number and a landline?
  • Does your DJ have testimonials from other satisfied clients?


The team at DJ in Cornwall are experienced:  we know what makes a dance floor work and above all we can answer YES to everything on the check list.  We won’t turn up with lighting out of the dark ages and we certainly don’t own a light screen from the 1970s, although Jamie does have flares, which can be booked on request!!


We are the first to admit that we are not the cheapest DJ service around: but Stella Artois that used the tag line – ‘Reassuringly Expensive’ and we think that applies very well to the way we work.


Being a good DJ takes time, investment and professionalism so don’t let a “fifty quid Sid” with “all the gear but no idea” ruin your night.


DJ in Cornwall – Your first choice for a Perfect Party.