a very busy week ………….

Its been a very busy few days, and we  have really had some great conversations with very excited brides who are putting everything in place for their 2014 weddings!

The trend is certainly leaning towards live bands still which is great news, as we have some seriously talented musicians locally who love to rock up for a great wedding!

Something that we hear couples comment on a lot is the not so good ‘image’ they have of mobile dj’s.   It seems far too many people have had a bad experience at some stage in the past with what we in the industry called ‘SIDS’, and does make them very cautious and somewhat apprehensive when looking to book one in the future.   Here at Perfect Party, we don’t take risks on your behalf.  The handful of DJ’s we work closely with and happy to recommend to you, we know very well.  We know they deliver and take great pride in playing such an important role in YOUR special day.

Lots of new venues we’re hearing about as well,   and wow, after having a quick look online at them, you guys are so lucky!    Hopefully we will get around to visiting them soon!

We’re only too happy to have a chat about any requirements, from dance floors and  lighting through to fire eaters and magicians – everything to colour and make your day magical.